V&G PUB14-100 Hose

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V&G PUB14-100 Hose 1/4″ 100FT 300psi




V&G PUB14-100 Hose 1/4″ 100FT 300psi


The V&G PUB14-100 Hose 1/4″ 100FT 300psi is a versatile and durable solution for a wide range of applications. With its 1/4 inch diameter and generous 100-foot length, this hose offers ample reach and flexibility for various tasks in automotive, industrial, and household settings. Built to withstand pressures up to 300psi, it delivers reliable performance even in demanding environments.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the V&G hose ensures durability and longevity, providing peace of mind during prolonged use. Its reinforced construction offers added strength and resistance to kinks, abrasions, and punctures, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring uninterrupted operation. The smooth interior surface reduces friction for efficient fluid flow, while the flexible design allows for easy maneuverability around obstacles and tight spaces. Equipped with sturdy fittings, the V&G PUB14-100 ensures secure connections with minimal leaks, enhancing safety and productivity.

Whether you’re powering pneumatic tools, inflating tires, or transferring liquids, this hose is up to the task. Backed by V&G’s reputation for quality and reliability, the PUB14-100 hose is a trusted choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Invest in the V&G PUB14-100 1/4″ 100FT 300psi and experience the durability and performance you need to tackle your toughest jobs with confidence.