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Excellence in supporting professionals and companies in this important segment.

Already consolidated in the retail market of construction in the United States, V&G Equipment and Materials is specialize in the sale and maintenance of machinery, implements, and tools, in addition to marketing materials and accessories in general. Excel for excellence in supporting professionals and companies in this important segment.

Its founder is the CEO, Vanderlúcio Alves Goncalves, a Brazilian naturalized American, who, as a young entrepreneur, did not give up investing in his dreams and what he believed in. He had enough vision and commercial purpose to envision, in addition to the physical space suitable for the construction of the project, the opportunity to establish a successful partnership with local communities. 

The company operates in three states: New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

In New Jersey, the city chosen was Newark because it is a large industrial hub, cut by railroad lines and close to the city of New York. In fact, it was in Newark that V&G was born and consolidated, gaining the trust of partners and suppliers before expanding to neighboring states.

After more than a decade in New Jersey, the company's first expansion challenge was the creation of a branch in Massachusetts, where the city of Framingham was selected for its vocation for progress and for having there a thriving immigrant community, the company's main audience. Thus, in a short time, the store became a favorite of the builders of the region.

With stores already installed in New Jersey and Massachusetts, the third state to win a V&G unit was Connecticut. Because of its location between the two states, the store became a distribution center of the company, that is, a strategic unit determining logistics, both for the agility and efficiency implemented.

In its three stores, in addition to providing technical services of mechanical maintenance, electrical, and various repairs, V&G offers a wide and varied portfolio of products. The range of options includes the most famous and established brands in the construction market.

The highlight for the always impeccable service, performed by a team trained and specialized in identifying the needs and preferences of customers, supplying the demands satisfactorily, in person or by the delivery service, which provides even more agility and economy.

Throughout its history, V&G has been creating job opportunities for the local community. This contributes to the human and technical development of civil construction in all regions where it operates, not giving up social responsibility. 

Vanderlúcio Alves Gonçalves, the founder, had the idea of lending the initials of his company name, transforming them into the logo, thus recognized - for decades - by his customers and suppliers. Today the is in the process of reformulation of its entire visual and corporate identity, with the purpose of establishing a clearer, stronger, and more objective connection and identification with its public. 

Thus, in a decision made by the board, the marketing, sales, and financial teams, the brand underwent a significant change in its structure, being now represented by the initials V and G with the addition of the & commercial and the image - highlighted - of a nail, flagship item of sales, made the identification and representation of the business operated by the company be expressed in a more transparent and effective way. His colors remained. Your concept and purpose, too.  V&G, now consolidated, is a strong brand that is in the imagination of its partners, customers, and suppliers. And it is present in the day-to-day of companies and people who build the dream of investment or home ownership.

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