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We offer local delivery within a 50-mile from our stores (Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA and Newark, NJ. Check conditions for details.


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Explore a wide array of air compressor and plumbing valves at V&G Equipment and Materials, serving Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA; and Newark, NJ.

Our inventory boasts diverse valves crafted for air compressors and plumbing systems. Whether it’s maintaining optimal pressure with relief valves or managing airflow precisely with control valves, we have solutions tailored to your needs.

Quality and reliability are paramount in our selection process. We meticulously source these critical components from trusted brands, ensuring consistent high performance across various applications.

For replacements, upgrades, or new for your air compressor or plumbing systems, our stores provide a comprehensive range to meet your requirements. Our knowledgeable team stands ready to assist you in selecting the right part to optimize your equipment’s functionality.

Discover our extensive range of air compressor and plumbing parts at any of our locations in Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA; or Newark, NJ. Enhance machinery efficiency and plumbing functionality with our premium valves at V&G Equipment and Materials.