Local delivery within 50 miles!

We offer local delivery within a 50-mile from our stores (Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA and Newark, NJ. Check conditions for details.


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Explore a diverse assortment of construction nails, trim nails and trim nail drivers at V&G Equipment and Materials, conveniently located in Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA; and Newark, NJ.

Our inventory encompasses a wide range of nails tailored specifically for construction purposes. From sturdy and robust nails perfect for heavy-duty projects to precision trim nails ideal for finishing work, we offer solutions suited to various applications.

Quality is our priority, and we source these essential components from reputable brands known for their durability and reliability. Count on our nails to deliver consistent performance, whether it’s for framing, roofing, or detailed finishing tasks.

Whether you’re in need of nails for construction, renovation, or woodworking projects, our stores provide a comprehensive selection to cater to your specific needs. Our experienced staff is available to assist in selecting the right nails to meet your project requirements.

Visit any of our locations in Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA; or Newark, NJ to explore our extensive range of construction nails and trim nails. Elevate the quality of your projects with our premium nails at V&G Equipment and Materials.