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We offer local delivery within a 50-mile from our stores (Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA and Newark, NJ. Check conditions for details.

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Explore our collection of squares, including carpenter squares and framing squares. These precision tools are essential for accurate measurements and right-angle alignments in woodworking and construction.

Our curated selection ensures top-notch quality, offering reliability for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The carpenter square is perfect for smaller, detailed tasks, while the framing square excels in larger construction projects. Crafted for durability, our squares provide the accuracy needed for precise cuts and layouts.

Upgrade your toolkit with these high-quality tools, designed to meet the demands of various projects. Elevate your woodworking and construction experience with our dependable squares, ensuring precision and efficiency in every task. Shop now for squares that redefine your measuring and layout capabilities.

V&G Equipment and Materials, the go-to hardware and tool store in Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA; and Newark, NJ, stands as the pinnacle of quality tools and equipment in each region. Our stores pride themselves on offering the finest selection, catering to professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

With a commitment to excellence, we provide top-tier tools and equipment that exceed expectations. From our Danbury outpost serving the local community with precision tools to our Framingham location, delivering premium gear for diverse needs, and our Newark store supplying cutting-edge machinery, V&G ensures every customer finds exactly what they need.

Our dedication to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Visit any of our locations to experience the difference V&G Equipment and Materials brings to your projects.