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Welcome to V&G Equipment and Materials, your go-to destination for a diverse array of compressors! Whether you’re a DIY aficionado or a professional seeking dependable equipment, we’ve curated a comprehensive selection to address your air and gas compression requirements.

Our lineup boasts an assortment of renowned brands and machine types, ranging from compact household-friendly models to robust industrial-grade units. Quality and efficiency take precedence at V&G, ensuring each compressor surpasses performance and reliability standards.

Explore our range of compressors, meticulously crafted to cater to varied needs and provide versatile solutions across a broad spectrum of applications. Our commitment is to assist you in finding the perfect machine tailored to your specific needs.

Beyond compressors, V&G Equipment and Materials offer a commitment to quality, unparalleled performance, and an extensive selection to elevate your projects. Trust us to be your reliable partner for high-quality, efficient compressors.

V&G stands as the pinnacle source for premium compressors in Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA; and Newark, NJ. Renowned for unmatched quality and reliability, we address your air compression needs with an extensive range of superior models. Empower your projects with our dependable machines designed to tackle both household and industrial demands. Rely on V&G for excellence in air compression solutions.

Compressors are mechanical devices designed to reduce the volume of air or gases, increasing their pressure in the process. They work by drawing in air or gas and mechanically decreasing its volume, resulting in a higher pressure output. This compressed air or gas can then be used for various purposes across multiple industries.

These devices are fundamental in a wide range of applications, from powering pneumatic tools in construction and manufacturing to providing air for ventilation systems and refrigeration. Compressors come in various types, including reciprocating, rotary screw, centrifugal, and scroll compressors, each with its unique mechanism suited for different tasks.

Whether it's inflating tires, operating heavy machinery, refrigeration in households, or even providing air for scuba diving, compressors play a vital role in countless everyday tasks and industrial processes.

Exploring Different Types of Compressors

Reciprocating compressors

Reciprocating compressors utilize a piston-driven mechanism to compress air or gas. They operate by drawing in air into a chamber and then reducing the volume of that chamber to increase the pressure. These compressors are versatile and come in both single and multi-stage designs, suitable for various applications from small-scale use to larger industrial settings.

Rotary screw compressors

Rotary screw compressors work on a rotary motion principle. They use two interlocking helical screws to compress air continuously as it moves through the screws' grooves. These compressors are known for their efficiency, reliability, and ability to provide a constant flow of compressed air, making them popular in industrial applications.

Centrifugal compressors

Centrifugal compressors operate by transferring kinetic energy to the air or gas through a high-speed rotating impeller. The rotating impeller accelerates the air, and then a diffuser converts this kinetic energy into pressure. These compressors are ideal for high-volume applications requiring a continuous flow of compressed air or gas.

Scroll compressors

Scroll compressors use two spiral-shaped scrolls—one fixed and the other orbiting—to compress air or gas. As the orbiting scroll moves in a circular motion, it compresses the gas against the fixed scroll, reducing the volume and increasing the pressure. These compressors are compact, quiet, and often used in applications where a smaller footprint is essential, like air conditioning and refrigeration units.

Axial compressors

Axial compressors utilize rotating airfoils (blades) to continuously compress air or gas. They are commonly found in jet engines and gas turbines, where a high volume of air needs compression for propulsion or power generation.

Each type of compressor has its unique characteristics, efficiency levels, and suitable applications. The choice of compressor type often depends on factors such as required pressure levels, airflow rates, energy efficiency, and the specific application's demands.

Find your compressor at V&G Equipment and Materials

At V&G, in Danbury, Framingham, and Newark, innovation and quality define our compressors. With a range catering from household to industrial use, our selection encompasses renowned brands like Jenny, Metabo, and Rolair.

Jenny Compressors are synonymous with reliability. Whether for small-scale activities or more robust demands, Jenny models offer consistent durability and performance. Designed to tackle challenges, Jenny compressors are the perfect choice for those seeking quality without compromising efficiency.

Metabo compressors are known for precise engineering and versatility. With a diverse range of options at V&G, these compressors combine power and portability, catering to both daily needs and complex professional projects. The Metabo line provides an enhanced response for every application, ensuring efficiency in every move.

Rolair Compressors, available in our units, offer high-level robustness and performance. Designed to exceed expectations, these compressors are the ideal choice for challenging environments. Whether in demanding workspaces or smaller-scale tasks, Rolair Compressors deliver a consistent and powerful airflow.

Moreover, at V&G, our selection of Air Compressors covers every imaginable need. From portable and compact models to those designed for industrial applications, we guarantee a comprehensive range for every project, providing performance and efficiency in every use.

Visit our units in Danbury, Framingham, and Newark to explore the complete line of Jenny, Metabo, Rolair compressors, and other Air Compressors. At V&G, we commit to delivering quality, performance, and innovation in every compressor, for every need.


V&G stands as your premier source for top-notch compressors in Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA; and Newark, NJ. Offering unparalleled quality and reliability, we cater to your air compression needs with a diverse range of superior models. Elevate your projects with our trusted compressors, designed to meet household and industrial demands. Count on V&G for excellence in air compression solutions.