Discover excellence: explore top-tier brands in hardware & equipment at V&G Equipment and Materials!

From reliable power tools to precision measuring instruments and top-tier maintenance products, our curated selection of leading brands ensures quality and performance for every project. At V&G Equipment and Materials, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of hardware solutions that prioritize reliability, innovation, and durability. Whether you’re in Newark, NJ; Framingham, MA; Danbury, CT, or anywhere across the United States, explore our collection online or visit our stores to experience excellence in hardware and equipment. Unleash your potential with tools and products that exceed expectations, tailored to meet your professional and DIY needs.

Leading Brands at V&G Equipment and Materials

At V&G Equipment and Materials, we take pride in offering an extensive range of top-tier brands that ensure reliability, high performance, and superior quality across various hardware and equipment needs. With locations in Newark, NJ; Framingham, MA; and Danbury, CT, we serve customers across the United States with a commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service.

Power Tools and Equipment

Simpson Strong-Tie: As a leading manufacturer of structural building products, Simpson Strong-Tie stands for unmatched reliability in construction solutions. We proudly stock a comprehensive selection of Simpson Strong-Tie products catering to various construction requirements.

Makita: Renowned for innovation and durability, Makita is synonymous with high-performance power tools. Our inventory includes an array of Makita tools designed to deliver exceptional results in every task.

Metabo: Delivering power, precision, and endurance, Metabo tools represent quality craftsmanship. Explore our collection of Metabo power tools engineered for professionals seeking top-notch performance.

DeWalt: Known for its ruggedness and efficiency, DeWalt offers a wide spectrum of power tools designed for professionals who value reliability and productivity. Discover the latest DeWalt innovations at V&G Equipment and Materials.

Bosch: Innovation and excellence define Bosch’s line of power tools and measuring devices. Our stock includes Bosch’s cutting-edge tools renowned for their precision and quality.

Honda: Beyond automobiles, Honda is a symbol of reliability and innovation. We offer an assortment of Honda-powered equipment renowned for their robustness and efficiency.

Husqvarna: With a legacy of excellence in outdoor power equipment, Husqvarna stands as a benchmark for quality and performance. Explore our range of Husqvarna products for landscaping and forestry needs.

Porter-Cable: Known for its heritage of innovation and craftsmanship, Porter-Cable produces high-performance power tools. Our selection includes Porter-Cable tools catering to diverse professional needs.

Measuring Tools and Maintenance Products

Stabila: Precision and accuracy are paramount in construction, and Stabila delivers just that with its range of measuring and leveling tools. Find Stabila products that ensure accuracy in every project.

Tajima: For precision layout and measuring tools, Tajima is the name trusted by professionals worldwide. Explore our Tajima collection for high-quality measuring solutions.

AJC: AJC Tools specializes in roofing and construction tools, ensuring durability and reliability in every product. Our inventory includes a variety of AJC tools for roofing professionals.

OX Tools: Innovation and durability define OX Tools, known for their exceptional quality in hand tools and accessories. Discover a wide range of OX Tools available at V&G Equipment and Materials.

WD-40: As a trusted maintenance product, WD-40 offers versatile solutions for various tasks. We stock WD-40 products for lubrication, corrosion protection, and more.

Lucas Oil Products Inc.: With a commitment to quality control, Lucas Oil Products Inc. provides a diverse line of lubricants and additives. Explore our range of Lucas Oil Products for automotive and industrial applications.

Yamaha: Beyond its renowned musical instruments, Yamaha also offers a line of generators and outdoor power equipment known for their reliability and high performance.

At V&G Equipment and Materials, we curate our selection with a focus on partnering with manufacturers of power tools, measuring tools, and maintenance products that prioritize quality, innovation, and reliability. Experience excellence in hardware solutions with our comprehensive range of leading brands.

Visit our Newark, NJ; Framingham, MA; or Danbury, CT locations or explore our online catalog to discover the best-in-class brands for your hardware needs.