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We offer local delivery within a 50-mile from our stores (Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA and Newark, NJ. Check conditions for details.


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Discover an extensive collection of writing utensils and construction markers at V&G Equipment and Materials. With locations in Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA; and Newark, NJ, our stores cater to diverse needs.

Our writing utensils range from precise pencil markers to robust construction markers. Ideal for artists, architects, and construction professionals, these tools bring precision to your work.

Pencil markers offer versatile and detailed notations, while construction markers withstand tough conditions, ensuring durability and clarity on various surfaces.

We prioritize top-notch quality, sourcing these tools from reputable brands known for reliability. At V&G Equipment and Materials, expect tools built for exceptional performance across projects.

Explore our stores in Danbury, CT; Framingham, MA; or Newark, NJ, and find the perfect writing utensils and markers for your needs. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist, ensuring you get the right tools for your projects.

Upgrade your toolkit with our diverse writing instruments and markers at V&G Equipment and Materials.